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11 May

Am I on Plan B now…or C…or ?

“Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a stroke of luck.”     ~ Dalai Lama

It has been a most interesting year.

Late last year I decided I wasn’t going spend another winter in Iowa.  I had narrowed my choices down to 2 cities: Austin & Phoenix.  After visiting both earlier this year, Phoenix was the clear favorite.

While in Phoenix in early March,  I stayed with my sister, Linda.  It’s always nice to catch up with her & we have a great time together – this time was no exception.   I  hadn’t intended on seriously looking at houses yet, but curiosity got the better of me.   I did a little looking online & saw several places I was interested in.  Linda was gracious enough to drive me around.  I was really taken with one particular home.  After the offer/counter-offer dance, the paperwork started.

The closing date was set for late  March.  Delays in paperwork pushed the closing date off to April 6.  On April 4, I was laid off from my job & the house fell through.

I felt disoriented for the next several days – drained, numb & disappointed were in there somewhere too.   Since I believe strongly that things happen for a reason, I was more puzzled  than upset.  Linda had been laid off from her job a week before me. She offered for me to move in with her for as long as I need to.  Thanks sis!

As time passed, things became more clear.   Living with Linda would help us provide each other with emotional & social support.  Also, moving in with her meant either storing some of my stuff or eliminating it.  I chose to travel light.

Selling and giving away my possessions has been an interesting and helpful process.  It has helped me unearth attachments and habits that are no longer useful to me.

“You will have many stages of life, each a chance to re-invent yourself and contribute to the world in a different way.”  ~Nietzche

I will be moving across country with only what fits in my car (other than a couple of boxes I’ll ship in advance).  Getting rid of so many of my possessions feels so freeing.  I now have a fresher start on a simpler life.  I’m grateful for this and am looking very forward to what lies ahead…