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11 June

Your Services are No Longer Needed: How Getting Laid-off Was My Reality Check

The following is a guest post, by Anne McAuley of McAuley Freelance Writing…

Hearing the words that my services were no longer needed was a punch in the gut. I along with 11 of my friends and colleagues were laid off in August of 2010. In the first moments and days I was walking through a fog. After nearly 20 years in corporate America my name badge and pass into Cubicle City had been revoked. I was mad then sad then mad again.

Losing a job is like losing a part of you or like losing a friend. There’s a grieving process. My job had been there for me for more than six years. I was the Leader of Corporate Culture for my division. People liked me and I was respected. How could they have laid me off? No amount of severance pay could ever make up for the slap in the face.

My momma didn’t raise no fool and my parents taught me to pull myself up from my bootstraps. I didn’t just pull myself up. I yanked myself off the couch, out of my red fuzzy slippers and into the shower. I got dressed and was ready to take on the world. I headed to a networking group called Career Connectors and the rest as they say is history.

That day was the first day of my new life. That day I became the CEO of ME, Incorporated. I wasn’t a victim of the recession. I was a woman whose mama had raised no fool. It wasn’t my job or the corporate culture that I loved and missed. I missed everything that I did for that company that wasn’t even in my job description.

I am a writer and a connector.

I love people and I love words.

How I could make that a business wasn’t even a question. There was no fear.

There was sheer determination.

The fun blog I had started to entertain my friends and family was converted to a business blog. The business blog eventually became the McAuley Freelance Writing website.

Having known exactly zero business owners, I set a course to meet business owners at networking events. I learned how to do an elevator speech about my business. There was a bit of fake-it-til-you-make-it. There was never fear. I interned with a local marketing services small business and learned a lot about how not to run a business, an experience that has allowed me to grow my business in leaps and bounds.

To this day I have half a business plan and the half that is completed needs to be redone. The business has a life of its own and for that I am grateful.

Clearly I didn’t need corporate America to make me a successful business woman. In fact I am more grounded, successful, happier and richer without them.


McAuley Freelance Writing is based in Mesa, AZ and provides professional writing services to clients around the globe. Services include copywriting for websites, brochures and marketing collateral as well as blogging and Twitter account management. Contact info@mcauleyfreelancewriting for additional information.